Using microVMs for Gaming on Fedora Asahi

It’s been almost a year since I transitioned from the Virtualization to the Automotive team at Red Hat with the goal of ensuring RHIVOS ships with a powerful Virtualization stack. While there’s a large overlap between a Virtualization stack for Servers and the one for Automotive platforms, the latter is much more demanding on one particular aspect: GPU acceleration. For me, personally, that meant having to delve into the Linux graphics stack, both kernel (DRM, GEM, KMS…) and userspace (Mesa, virglrenderer…), something in which, so far, I only had a superficial knowledge.

Finding a Wasm Runtime Unikernel for libkrun

There’s this interesting idea of adding support for running Wasm/WASI payloads in libkrun, which is something we could easily achieve by simply embedding a Wasm runtime, statically built for Linux, into initrd. Now, the problem with this approach is that, despite having a payload (the Wasm runtime) with a well-known behavior, we would still be using a (built with a minimal config, but otherwise complete) Linux kernel, despite only needed a small amount of its functionality.